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Can I contact and book a DJ?

  • You can use our website to contact DJs directly

Does Club Agent take any commission?

  • No, we don’t take any commission

I had tried to contact a DJ through Club Agent but haven’t got any response yet?

  • Some DJs are very busy or they receive tons of emails every day. Try to wait and to contact them again. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee about their response as it’s up to each individual DJ or his/her agent to respond. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments if weeks passed to let others know about his/her activity on communication.

International, Club or Mobile DJ?

  • International DJs are usually more expensive because they can travel on different countries to perform
  • Club DJs are usually local DJs playing on local clubs/bars etc.
  • Mobile DJs are usually DJs with their own PA and Lighting. These DJs are perfect for weddings, corporate events etc.


How to create a DJ page?

  • Click on Sign In > Register > Once you register, login and then go on Add Listing

Is it worth getting a page on Club Agent?

  • Club Agent can help you get bookings easier than most websites out there. With your DJ page here you will get for sure more exposure than not having one. So even if you get a single booking a year it’s totally worth it.

What happens after creating a page on Club Agent?

  • You will have your page published and clients can contact you directly by using the booking form

How clients will contact me?

  • You will receive an email in your mail inbox

Can I sign with an agency or label if I have a page on Club Agent?

  • We are just a DJ directory and not an agency. So, you can sign with any agency and label you want

Can I get a verified badge?

  • To get the verified badge you will need at least 2 reviews with pictures of the events by clients. Once you fit the criteria please use this form:

I’m signed with a label or agency, can I register on Club Agent?

  • Yes! As mentioned above, we are just a directory

Can I update my DJ page?

  • You can update it anytime you want