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Discover Hotboxx’s Favourites From 2023

Discover Hotboxx’s Favourites From 2023

After an exciting year within Electronic Music, we’re thrilled to be joined by the talented Producer and DJ Hotboxx for this exclusive interview; talking about his top tracks, artists, and influences, Hotboxx rounds up his year as he sits down with us to share an insightful glimpse into his 2023 favourites. Over the past 12 months, Hotboxx has no doubt become a name on the radar of genre lovers around the globe, striking back with must-listen productions, electrifying live shows, and captivating episodes of his weekly radio show ‘All The Smoke’; as he sets the bar high for the next chapter of his already enthralling musical journey, Hotboxx surely remains a talent to keep watching.  

Can you share your overall impressions of the Electronic music landscape in 2023? What stood out to you in terms of trends and developments? 

Overall I think people are raving again and going to tons of events.  It is amazing how many events there are and most have great attendance, it’s awesome to see the Dance community is so strong.  It also seems like most genres are doing well, certain areas have their style but overall, if we look at all over the world there is a demand for basically every Electronic genre that exists.  I’m excited for the scene to keep growing and moving into 2024. 

Could you list a few of your absolute favorite tracks or releases from the past year, and what makes them special to you? 

It’s tough to honestly remember because so many great tracks came out this year but if I had to name a few I’d say for me a couple of tracks and releases I loved and played out a lot are all the tracks off the Ranger Trucco summer ’23 EP.  And also, I loved a recent groover I’ve been playing a lot titled ‘Can’t Let You’ by Romeo Louisa, definitely a great Dance record. 

Were there any tracks from emerging artists that caught your attention and deserve recognition? 

As I mentioned above, Romeo Louisa are up-and-comers that are dope and have amazing production and I’m also proud of my homies Vampire Sex who had the minimal hit of the year: they are on the rise quickly, so definitely a duo to watch out for. But really, I’m just happy to see how much new music is coming out and see the strides all my homies have been making this year, definitely looking forward to 2024 and building on this solid foundation, as are many other artists. 

What genres or sub-genres of Electronic music resonated with you the most this year, and why? 

I would say my 3, and it really has been that way for a while now, is House, Minimal, and Tech House, but this year I’ve been grooving to some Garage and different stuff like that. Really if it is good Dance music, it resonated with me this year. 

Did you discover any new genres or niche scenes that you found particularly intriguing? 

Nothing really new, but started looking back into certain genres I hadn’t listened to or downloaded music from in a while, getting back into some of the original music that got me into Electronic Music, to begin with. 

As a Producer, did you come across any groundbreaking production techniques, hardware, or software innovations in 2023 that significantly influenced your music? 

Really, I learned a ton this year, trying to make different genres really pushed me to take a deep dive into my production and definitely helped me sharpen my tools and develop new techniques.  Also, collabs and working with other artists have taught me a ton and I feel like every time I sit down with someone else, I learn something new. It really is a lot of fun. 

Are there any production tools or plugins that became essential to your creative process during the year? 

Honestly, I’ve been using a ton of stock Ableton sounds, I have my grouping that I like and it’s a lot of fun to use: there are so many great sounds stock in the program but I also have been using a lot of plugins for sound manipulation or compression, kick start is a go-to for sure, also love the dada life plugins, both are amazing and I definitely do love using my machine, especially for percussion. I’ve also forced myself to sing on a few of my releases,  one came out now to finish the year and 2024 will have a lot of original vocals on my records, so looking forward to exposing that side of my creative process. 

Were there any artists or influences outside of the Electronic music world that left an imprint on your work in 2023? 

I mean not really one artist but I love listening to oldies, especially Disco and R&B records to listen for samples that I can use or remix.  Love those genres and think they fit well into my House or Minimal tracks. 

Aside from music, were there any standout favorites from the past year that left a lasting impression on you? This could include favorite films, books, technology advancements, or any other personal highlights you’d like to mention. 

Honestly this year I didn’t really have much time to catch new films or anything like that! I guess technological advancements, A.I seems to really be doing major things in the music industry as well as really every industry, it’s just a little scary with the potential for crime etc. using the A.I, but it definitely seems to be helping with a lot and streamlining many processes. 

What can your fans and the Electronic music community expect from you in the new year? Any upcoming projects, releases, or performances that you’re excited to share? 

I will have a ton of new releases so honestly be looking out every month as I’ll have one to two minimum.  I got some great guests set up for my ‘All the Smoke’ radio show so I’m really looking forward to that – if you’ll be at Miami Music Week make sure to stop by one of the many events I’ll be playing. I’m really looking forward to March! 

As our time with Hotboxx comes to a close, we thank him for speaking with us and for sharing such a detailed glimpse into the music, artists, and production techniques that continued to feed his creativity throughout 2023. With such an exciting year ahead, we look forward to hearing the next production from the talented Producer and DJ, as it will no doubt be just as captivating as the last. So, be sure to follow Hotboxx across social media so as not to miss his next release, show, or project.  

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