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Cody Chase Dives into His Favourites From 2023

Cody Chase Dives into His Favourites From 2023

Having had a stellar year within Electronic Music, we’re taking the time to look back at some of the favourite tracks, artists, and sounds that defined 2023. Joined today by the talented Producer and DJ Cody Chase, we’re excited to dive in to learn more about his personal favourites from throughout the year. Having continued to take the Electronic Music world by storm during 2023, striking back with must-listen productions, like ‘Grinding’ and ‘Supernova’, as well as leading his record label, Chasin Records, Cody Chase no doubt remains high on the list of Producers and DJs within Electronic Music today.

So, prepare yourselves as we present this exclusive interview with the exciting talent that is Cody Chase.

Can you share your overall impressions of the Electronic music landscape in 2023? What stood out to you in terms of trends and developments?

2023 was a year of transition, and I think you’ll see the top genres start to switch. I saw a big growth spurt in the Afro House genre. While it’s not my favorite, it seems to be growing in popularity around the world.

Could you list a few of your absolute favorite tracks or releases from the past year, and what makes them special to you?

My track ‘Illusion’ was played by my childhood hero, Benny Benassi, for his insomniac 30th anniversary guest mix. That was a very surreal moment, considering that it happened early on in my DJ career.

I’m also very proud of my latest release ‘High as F*ck’ that came out on Blanco Y Negro and has been charting on the Beatport tracks. At the time of me writing this interview, it is number 24 on the mainstream Top 100.

Were there any tracks from emerging artists that caught your attention and deserve recognition?

Sebastiaan Hooft’s music has been incredible this year. The guy has spent almost every waking hour in the studio cranking out Techno heaters. He and I became close when we got to hang out together in Amsterdam, his hometown, during the Amsterdam Dance event – I look at him like a big brother and a mentor.

What genres or sub-genres of Electronic music resonated with you the most this year, and why?

I’m a big Techno and Tech House guy, so it’s been fun to see how these two genres have been evolving throughout the year. They have grown in popularity and there are a ton of new subgenres within that have been developing.

Did you discover any new genres or niche scenes that you found particularly intriguing?

Well, not for me, it’s been cool to see hard-core Techno be a breakout star this year. People love that 150 BPM break your face speed and sound lol and I must admit, it is fun playing that fast sometimes.

As a Producer, did you come across any groundbreaking production techniques, hardware, or software innovations in 2023 that significantly influenced your music?

This year I did add a Roland TR – 8S into my production studio and it’s been fun making beats on the legendary machine.

Are there any production tools or plugins that became essential to your creative process during the year?

I’ve also incorporated an Irejule theory board to help me craft chords, melodies, and basslines. They’ve basically reinvented the keyboard in a way that works for my brain. Lol.

What can your fans and the Electronic music community expect from you in the new year? Any upcoming projects, releases, or performances that you’re excited to share?

You’re going to see a ton of growth in my label, Chasin Records –  our goal is to release a new record every Friday for an entire year. You’ll also see a ton of new releases from me on my own label as well as larger more established labels within Electronic Music. I have a couple of vocalist collaborations that I’m looking forward to and that work has just started on a few new records that should make a big splash. I also plan on heading out on my first tour in the summer of 2024. Come catch Cody Chase wherever he lands around the world.

As we close our interview with Cody Chase, we thank him for his time and eagerly anticipate the next year in his musical journey; with the promise of new music and exciting live shows, we’re sure 2024 will see Cody Chase continuing to build momentum, gaining even more fans from around the globe. So, make sure to keep an eye on this talented Producer and DJ, as he is certainly not to be missed.

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