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Jacob Colon Unveils His 2023 Favourites

Jacob Colon Unveils His 2023 Favourites

Today we’re thrilled to have Jacob Colon joining us in conversation, delivering an exclusive interview in which we learn more about the artists, music, influences, and production approaches that defined his 2023 and supported his ever-passionate creativity. Having made a mark on the landscape of Electronic Music, Jacob Colon continues to emerge as one of the most exciting talents on the scene today, quickly climbing the list of Producers and DJs as he consistently releases dancefloor bangers and unforgettable episodes of his radio show, ‘Made To Move’. With a committed determination, we’re sure that Jacob Colon is only just at the start of his musical journey, so join us as we sit down with him to learn more about his 2023 favourites.   

Can you share your overall impressions of the Electronic Music landscape in 2023? What stood out to you in terms of trends and developments? 

I think there is a huge trend in sampling vocals from the 2000’s era. After the “Do it To it” track by Acraze, the entire industry began jumping on the wave. If Producers weren’t sampling the vocals directly, they linked up with a singer to do covers and then sampled the musical section, like “Ferrari” by James Hype. This turned into a mainstream Tech House trend and became commercialized once the major labels began investing money into it. 

Despite all this happening over a year ago this trend is still relevant. Now, websites like Splice are introducing more sound packs that have that Tech House, radio-style vocal, synth, or bouncing bass vibe.  

There also has been a wave of Tech House mixed with Latin vocals this past year. We’ve seen guys like Feid and Maluma collab with Gordo as well as Karol G and Tiesto. Even Bad Bunny now has a few records leaning toward a Dance vibe. The genre is being mixed with multiple genres and does not show any signs of slowing down.  

Could you list a few of your absolute favorite tracks or releases from the past year, and what makes them special to you? 

One of my favorite tracks was released off my label, Made to Move Records, titled “Show You How It Go”. This track is special because it’s the first one that I recorded the vocals for.  

Were there any tracks from emerging artists that caught your attention and deserve recognition? 

If you follow my radio program “Made to Move Radio”, you can get a feel of the type of artists I’ve been listening to and showcasing in my sets. Some artists that have stuck out to me are The Deepshakerz, Warren Blake, Mimmo Errico, and Shay DT just to name a few. Like I said, check out my radio show on Mixcloud or SoundCloud or peep the track lists from each show on 1001Tracklists.  

What genres or sub-genres of Electronic Music resonated with you the most this year, and why? 

I would say Tech House, Afro House, Latin House and Minimal House. These are the main genres of House that I particularly like and inspire the foundation of my sound. The rhythms of my tracks are inspired by Afro and Latin House, while the energy and aggressiveness are inspired by Tech and Minimal House. I like to explore sounds that are geared towards Techno and Trap because I feel these types of sounds have a dark aggressiveness that brings energy into my tracks. These are the genres that I blend to create my radio show.  

Did you discover any new genres or niche scenes that you found particularly intriguing? 

It’s always cool to blend genres like Hip Hop or R&B into House Music, as we’ve heard the past year or so. Like I mentioned earlier, this wave is still strong, and it is interesting to see how this trend continues to develop.  

As a Producer, did you come across any groundbreaking production techniques, hardware, or software innovations in 2023 that significantly influenced your music? 

This year I purchased a couple of plugins from an audio company called Output. They have a really nice distortion plugin called Thermal that I’ve been using on my bass lines and synths to help create a thicker sound. Besides that, I’ve also been watching some great educational videos on sites like FaderPro that help me with overall production techniques.  

Are there any production tools or plugins that became essential to your creative process during the year? 

Yes. Besides the distortion plugin I mentioned earlier, I learned some nice tricks to minimize any phase issues that develop when creating a kick and bass groove. InPhase by Waves is a good one that helps with this. This has really helped me because the relationship between these two elements drive the entire song.   

Were there any artists or influences outside of the Electronic Music world that left an imprint on your work in 2023? 

I liked the production behind Bad Bunny’s new album. I dig the trappy vibes. These types of sounds bring me the most inspiration. Another dope producer I like is Sky Rompiendo. He does some commercial Latin stuff and I really like his sound selection.  

Aside from music, were there any standout favorites from the past year that left a lasting impression on you? This could include favorite films, books, technology advancements, or any other personal highlights you’d like to mention. 

I spent some time this year reading books. One great author I came across was Napoleon Hill. He’s written a ton of good books based around the law of attraction, having a positive mindset, and other topics all relating to your inner self. He’s a great motivator. I recommend his books to any creative mind out there.  

What can your fans and the Electronic Music community expect from you in the new year? Any upcoming projects, releases, or performances that you’re excited to share? 

I’ve been busy with my radio program and filling up my release schedule with some original tracks. Recently I found some great resources to help me get licensing deals that will help me create remixes and stir up ideas for custom edits.   

From our conversation, Jacob Colon’s knowledge about Electronic Music and passion for the genre appears clear; with such a unique and vibrant perspective on the music, artists and sounds that continue to emerge on the scene, this talented Producer and DJ is sure to keep attracting the attention of genre lovers from around the globe. So, with a promising year ahead, we’re looking forward to what 2024 will bring for Jacob Colon; no doubt a Producer and DJ not to miss out on, Jacob Colon is one to keep watching.  

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