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Salvione Presents His 2023 Favourites

Salvione Presents His 2023 Favourites

This week, the talented Producer and DJ Salvione is joining us to take a look back at some of his favourites from 2023; from his top tracks, artists, influences, and sounds, we’re diving into Salvione’s year within Electronic Music. Having had a stellar past 12 months, notably delivering striking episodes of his radio show ‘Elevated Radio,’ which now reaches an impressive 3.9 million weekly listeners, Salvione continues to cement himself as a powerful force within the genre. So, sit back as we delve into his personal favourites, discovering more about Salvione’s 2023 and his take on the year we’ve just had within Electronic Music. 

Can you share your overall impressions of the Electronic Music landscape in 2023? What stood out to you in terms of trends and developments? 

The Electronic Music landscape in 2023 experienced a significant leap forward. It felt like the industry fully returned to its pre-pandemic vibrancy, especially in iconic places like Ibiza this season. One notable trend was the resurgence of music tailor-made for the dancefloor, with bigger basslines and faster tempos taking center stage. It was a refreshing shift that injected a new energy into the scene, and I found it quite invigorating. 

Could you list a few of your absolute favourite tracks or releases from the past year, and what makes them special to you? 

Absolutely, there are a couple of tracks from this year that have really stood out to me. First up, ‘Caroline’ by CID & Truth x Lies has been a staple in my record bag ever since it came out. It’s like a cheat code when I’m playing – it never fails to get the crowd going. There’s a certain magic to it that just works every time, and it’s always ready in my set for that perfect moment. 

Then, there’s ‘Here I Am Once Again’ by Luigi Rocca and Manuel De La Mare. This one holds a special place for me because it samples the very song I always play to unofficially kick off the summer each year. The way they’ve woven this classic sample into something fresh is just brilliant. It embodies that sunny, uplifting spirit of summer, and I’ve been dropping it in my sets quite a lot. It never fails to bring back those great summer memories and vibes. 

Were there any tracks from emerging artists that caught your attention and deserve recognition? 

There’s been some remarkable talent emerging this year. RSquared, in particular, has really caught my attention. What they’re doing in the music scene is not just good; it’s refreshingly innovative. Their take on Tech House is infused with this lively 80s & 90s vibe, which is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. It’s their groove and clever use of samples that make their sound so distinctive and engaging. 

Picking just one track of theirs as a standout is a tough call because they’ve consistently delivered quality music throughout the year. Each track they release seems to further define their unique style, making them a must-listen for anyone who’s into Tech House with a twist. They definitely deserve a spotlight for bringing something fresh to the table. 

What genres or sub-genres of Electronic music resonated with you the most this year, and why? 

This year, Tech House and Minimal House have really resonated with me. There’s been an incredible wave of creativity in these genres, producing some truly standout tracks. What’s been particularly exciting is seeing how these styles have energized dancefloors, especially at events like the Solid Grooves party at DC-10. The vibe there was electric. 

Artists like RSquared and Iglesias have brought a fantastic 80s/90s twist to the Tech House scene, blending nostalgic elements with modern grooves. This fusion has given the genre a fresh, dynamic feel that’s both familiar and innovative. It’s this kind of sound that’s not only captivating on a personal level but also clearly connects with the crowd, creating memorable moments on the dancefloor. 

Did you discover any new genres or niche scenes that you found particularly intriguing? 

Recently, I’ve been captivated by Psychedelic Funk and Soul, especially the work of Monophonics. This genre’s blend of deep funk grooves with psychedelic overtones really resonated with me. It’s a refreshing and immersive sound that’s been a fantastic musical discovery this year. 

As a Producer, did you come across any groundbreaking production techniques, hardware, or software innovations in 2023 that significantly influenced your music? 

2023 had a game-changer moment for me when I got the Elektron Analog Rytm – funny enough, it was a gift from my mom. She’s an absolute legend. She saw an interview where I joked about not being able to put studio gear on a wedding registry and decided to surprise me with it. Ever since I’ve started using it, it’s become essential in my studio. 

I’m particularly drawn to its punchy drum sounds, which have been featuring heavily in my tracks lately. The sequencer is top-notch, and the convenience of building kits digitally through its plugin is a total game-changer. It’s added a whole new dimension to my sound and workflow. 

Are there any production tools or plugins that became essential to your creative process during the year? 

This year, Slate Digital released their SSL plugins, and they’ve been a revelation for my mixing process. The warmth and clarity they bring to the mix are incredible. I’ve started integrating them into my mixing chain, and the difference is night and day. They’ve really helped elevate my mixes to a new level, giving them an even more professional, polished sound. 

Were there any artists or influences outside of the Electronic music world that left an imprint on your work in 2023? 

The Black Pumas have been a huge influence on me this past year. There’s something about the groove and soul in their music that just hits different. I’ve been channelling some of that vibe into my own work, letting it infuse my productions with a bit more soulfulness. 

Also, I’ve been getting really into the art of sampling again, especially inspired by some of the genius sampling I’ve heard in Hip-Hop tracks lately. It’s pushed me to dive back into sampling with a fresh perspective, adding new layers and dimensions to my music. 

Aside from music, were there any standout favorites from the past year that left a lasting impression on you? This could include favorite films, books, technology advancements, or any other personal highlights you’d like to mention. 

2023 was a year of some truly memorable moments. The absolute highlight was getting married in Barcelona in July. It was an incredible experience – tying the knot surrounded by family and friends in the stunning Spanish countryside. The whole atmosphere was just magical, and the week-long vacation there with everyone was fantastic, though I definitely needed another vacation to recover from all the celebrations! 

On the Tech front, I discovered this amazing app called It’s been a game-changer for me. The app plays binaural beats at different frequencies to enhance focus, and I use it all the time. It’s perfect for when I need to concentrate on non-musical tasks like answering emails, designing artwork for the radio show, or journaling. It really helps me zone in and be more productive. 

What can your fans and the Electronic music community expect from you in the new year? Any upcoming projects, releases, or performances that you’re excited to share? 

As we step into 2024, there’s a lot on the horizon that I’m eager to dive into. I’m launching a podcast tailored for aspiring producers and DJs, aiming to be a valuable guide in the ever-evolving music landscape. 

‘Elevated Radio’ is also gearing up for an eventful year. We’ve lined up some big label takeovers and guest spots, and we’re expanding our reach to connect with more listeners than ever before. 

The ‘Elevate’ brand is evolving too – now becoming ‘Elevated’ – and with that, the Elevated Sound Academy is set to offer more in-depth classes and masterclasses. We’re focusing not just on production techniques but also on what it takes to thrive as an Artist today. 

A personal milestone for me this year is launching my own music label. It’s a venture I’m incredibly passionate about. Additionally, I’m setting myself a rigorous production challenge – creating 30 tracks in 30 days. This challenge is about pushing my creative limits, testing my endurance, and exploring new facets of my music production skills. It’s daunting but exhilarating, and I’m up for the task. 

On the live performance front, I’m thrilled to be part of the NT Festival in Costa Rica, where I’ll be performing and conducting a production masterclass. There’s also a summer tour in the works, which I’m really looking forward to. 

So, 2024 is set to be a year of growth, exploration, and new endeavours. I can’t wait to share all these developments with you. 

We wrap up our interview with Salvione by thanking him for sharing such an insightful perspective on the genre of Electronic Music; as he promises an exciting year ahead, we cannot wait to see more from this talented Producer and DJ soon. So, a talent not to miss out on, make sure to keep an eye on Salvione by following him across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases, live shows, and projects. 

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