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Hotboxx Discusses the Behind-The-Scenes Process of his Track ‘H20’

Hotboxx Discusses the Behind-The-Scenes Process of his Track ‘H20’

The talented Producer and DJ Hotboxx has been making striking waves on the Electronic Music scene, dropping hard-hitting Tech House gems whilst delivering energetic live performances, and his collaboration alongside Flynn Nolan proved to be yet another must-listen hit; titled ‘H20’, the track came as another joint project between the two Producers, a pair whose release catalogue is becoming increasingly detailed with electrifying collabs. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Hotboxx to discuss the behind-the-scenes details of the production, discovering more about the collaboration and the creative process that led to such a smash release. 

Hi Hotboxx, how are you? 

Doing well. Thanks for asking! 

To start, can you describe your new track ‘H20’; how would you summarise its sound to someone who has yet to hear it? 

A high-energy Dance track with some old-school House elements and a driving Tech House bass line to shake the dance floor and get people dancing. 

This new track comes as another collaboration with Flynn Nolan. Can you tell us about your process when it comes to producing music with another Producer

I mean, really working with different producers always brings me insight and teaches me new techniques and methods of doing things. I love working with other Artists it really gets the creative vibes flowing and I learn so much working with other Producers as I know they feed off me as well, so it really is important to do in my opinion and Flynn and I have already worked on a ton of tracks together, so the workflow is definitely good. 

Did you have a specific goal in mind when you set out to produce ‘H20’? Were there any sounds or techniques that you wanted to experiment with?  

Not really, more than anything we just wanted to make a club track with high energy.  Nothing new or out of the ordinary from our regular workflow. 

Which plugins and effects do you use most when creating a track? 

Honestly, a lot of this track was stock Ableton sounds and then we grabbed a few sounds off loop clouds, mostly the one shots and effects.  Loop cloud is a very powerful tool for laying down percussion and effects and working through a track efficiently. 

The track features groovy rhythms and a bouncy bassline, can you tell us about how you approach creating such funky soundscapes? Which elements do you focus on? 

Here we really wanted to make a rolling type Tech House bass that had a nice groove to it,  once we had that the stabs were necessary so we laid those out and then the track really started coming together.  I appreciate the compliment! 

How do you think this track showcases your skills and unique sound as a Producer?  

This Track has a high-energy feel and really projects my usual sound which is really a combination of multiple genres while maintaining an old-school House feel. 

What is your favourite part of the production process? 

The creative part of putting all the elements and layers together.  Layout and mix down is definitely more work and not quite as fun but I’ve grown to love that part of it as well because that’s what really makes a track stand out and be unique. 

Do you have any go-to techniques you use when producing a track? How do you craft the different elements and layer them in a way that makes each part stand out? 

I always use the same kick, I think it just keeps consistency amongst my tracks; I may re-tune it but I always use the same one.  Besides that, I usually start the track with basically all the main layers besides effects and maybe some additional atmosphere or percussive elements.  Once I have that I’ll begin to lay out the track and build it out.  I just try to create tension but without making huge kind of commercial buildups – that’s usually my goal when I’m building a track out. 

Now that ‘H20’ has been released, what can fans expect to hear next from Hotboxx? 

Honestly, a ton of new releases are on the way, expect 20-30 new records coming out and they really are going to be on a club party vibe – I want people dancing to my music. 

As we round off our interview, we thank Hotboxx for his time and for sharing a glimpse into his workflow and the technical aspects of his tracks; armed with the knowledge, artistry, and passion, we’re sure that Hotboxx will continue delivering high-quality tracks, making an impact on the House scene today. So, make sure to keep up-to-date with Hotboxx by following him across social media, as this talent surely shows no signs of slowing down soon. 

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