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Cyazon Shares Insights on Upcoming Projects and Studio Evolution in Exclusive Interview

Cyazon Shares Insights on Upcoming Projects and Studio Evolution in Exclusive Interview

In this interview with Cyazon, we delve into the creative process and upcoming projects of this talented DJ & Producer; he talks about an upcoming Drum & Bass self-release and future remixes, offering insights into his musical journey. While maintaining his distinct sound, he shares how his music has taken a new direction, as he discusses more about future collaborations, ideas and creative motivations.  
Let’s dive in and learn more from Cyazon. 

Hey Cyazon, how are you?  

Hey! Doing well thank you.  

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects for the months ahead? What can listeners expect to hear from you next?  

A Drum & Bass self-release is coming out at the end of this month along with a few remixes following that. I also have unreleased songs I will be putting out at some point this year as well.   

When it comes to your studio set-up, have you added any new pieces of equipment or gear this year?  

I haven’t really added any new studio equipment or gear this year. I did however buy a new PC that I will be using for live streaming.   

How would you say your signature style has evolved in your upcoming releases? Would you say that your sound has taken a different direction compared to your previous productions?   

I would say my signature style has evolved into a more analog and cinematic sound in my upcoming releases, similar to the artist Nero. I would say my sound has definitely taken a different direction compared to my previous releases, but I still believe my sound sounds like me.  

How do you plan to remain creatively motivated? Have you been working to gain inspiration from any other genres, styles, or Artists?   

I plan to keep creative motivated by producing as often as I can. Recently, I have also been scripting movie scene-like video ideas I plan to do for my social media, so that is another way I have been staying motivated creatively. In terms of gaining inspiration, it’s usually from the artist Nero or watching futuristic films.  

What is on your list in terms of pieces of gear or plugins to add to your studio this year?  

At some point, I would love to try out the Arturia Polybrute Noir synthesizer. I’m also wanting to get HEDD studio monitors again after not having any studio monitors for three years. Perhaps getting other synthesizers too. I have most of the plugins I need for right now so no changes there.   

Do you see yourself changing or developing your workflow and process when it comes to producing your tracks?  

I can see myself learning more songwriting/arrangement techniques, as well as, production techniques for coming up with certain sounds. So, at some point I will probably go through that process while also producing tracks simultaneously.   

Do you have any collaborations planned for the upcoming months? Are you expecting to be joined by any other Producers or Artists in the studio?   

I have one collaboration in the works currently with a synthwave artist and singer. I also have a lot of vocalist collaborations on my unreleased songs, so some of the music will be coming out in the upcoming months. Not joining with any other artists in the studio physically in real life for right now. Most collaborations have always worked over the internet, since everyone is spread out and sometimes schedules do not align.  

With your projects for this year, what do you see yourself experimenting with and exploring both in terms of sound and techniques?  

Like I mentioned earlier, I feel like I will be exploring new songwriting/arrangement techniques this year to make better songs. I also may be learning for myself how certain sounds were created from my favorite songs through tutorials. I can see myself applying what I learn into my own music.   

What about being in the studio are you most looking forward to this year?  

I’m looking for the opportunities that may come from collaborations with other artists, vocalists, and official remixes and producing those this year.  

Wrapping up our conversation with Cyazon, we thank him for his time sharing more details about the diverse range of projects on the horizon, including releases, collaborations, and studio upgrades. Cyazon remains dedicated to evolving his sound while staying true to his unique style, and as he continues to draw inspiration from various sources and explores new techniques in his production process, listeners can anticipate a unique musical journey from this talented artist, so keep an eye out for Cyazon’s upcoming releases and stay tuned for the innovative sounds he’s set to deliver in the months to come. 

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