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Beyond the Beats: Discovering the Personal Side of Sander Wilder

Beyond the Beats: Discovering the Personal Side of Sander Wilder

Music Producer Sander Wilder is known for his vibrant music, but aside from his musical talents, there’s much more to discover. In this interview, we delve into the personal side of Sander as he shares his favorite meal to cook, his perfect weekend, and his preferences in books, movies, and sports teams. Joins us as we get to know the man behind the music as he opens up about his hobbies, travel experiences and favorites.

Hello Sander Wilder, how are you?

Hey there, quite good, thank you for asking!

What’s your go-to meal? Do you have a favourite meal to cook?

I can say that I’m not so demanding when it comes to food, but lately my favourite one to cook is Fish & Chips.

Can you describe your perfect weekend?

A perfect weekend is when I achieve what I plan for it. If I plan to go out and have fun, so be it, if want to stay chill or travel around let’s do this, if I want to be on sport mode gym/bike/ski/swimming, let’s go for it. 

Do you prefer books, movies, or series?

Usually movies for general relaxation. Books/Articles I read, are usually connected with my general activities.

Do you support any sports teams? 

I like different sports but I’m not having a favorite team, I enjoy quality no matter team or match is.

Are you a cat or dog person?

Though question because I like both (even if at this moment I don’t have any pet).

Which season do you prefer; winter, spring, summer, or fall?

I think the period between spring & summer is the ideal one for me. 

Do you have any interesting hobbies? 

Enjoying winter sports lately.

Do you enjoy travelling?

Yes, is the best way to determine yourself to step out from comfort zone.

Can you tell us a fact about yourself that might surprise fans?

Honestly I’m quite transparent and I’m not having something to tell regarding this at this moment.

We finish this interview thanking Sander for his time and openness sharing more details about his life aside from music; as he promises new music and projects on the way, be sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest news.

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