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Inside the Studio: Cammora Reveals His Music Production Secrets

Inside the Studio: Cammora Reveals His Music Production Secrets

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Cammora to delve into the heart of his music creation process. From his home studio setup to his go-to music production techniques, Cammora shares a glimpse into his creative world. Get an inside look at his favorite gear, his approach to overcoming writer’s block, and the special story behind one of his tracks; so, join us as we explore the artistry and passion that drive Cammora’s music production journey in the studio. 

Hi Cammora, pleasure meeting you! How’s your day today?  

Pleasure meeting you too, my day is amazing! 

Can you tell us about your studio? Do you have a home studio space? 

I have a home studio in Athens, Greece, and one more in Dubai, UAE. I feed both with a MacBook Pro and a UAD Apollo Twin Duo, which I am carrying with me wherever I go. These are the heart and soul of my studios! Other than that, in Athens I use a pair of Focal CMS50s, BeyerDynamic’s DT1770 PRO and DT1990 PRO, NI’s Maschine MK2, NI’s Komplete Kontrol S49, and a Moog One. In Dubai I am settled with a pair of Adam T5Vs, BeyerDynamic’s DT770 PRO, NI’s Maschine Mikro MK3, and NI’s Komplete Kontrol M32.  

What’s the oldest piece of gear you own? 

I think my UAD Apollo Twin Duo is the older piece of gear I own. I got it 10 years ago if I am not mistaken, it uses the Thunderbolt 2 protocol, so I have to use an adapter to connect it to the new Mac. I love its superior sound quality and build! 

Do you have a go-to DAW? We would love to know more.  

I am using both Ableton Live 11 (just upgraded to 12), and Logic Pro X. Usually I draft ideas in Live and then take the project forward with Logic; but sometimes I build the track completely in Live and use Logic for the mixing session only. Ableton Live is more intuitive for composition, it is a great tool for capturing creativity and experimenting with ideas. Logic Pro’s comprehensive suite of mixing and mastering tools is ideal for refining those ideas into a polished final product. 

Do you find yourself creating more music in the studio or outside of it? 

I prefer in the studio and specifically my studio in Athens. This place is a mancave/audiophile-studio hybrid! Beside my studio hardware, and obviously the working station, I have in there my vinyl collection with my turntable equipment, a comfortable couch, plus, my cigar and bourbon corner. In there I can relax, enjoy music, focus, get inspired, tune, and unleash my creativity. This is my ground zero! 

Are there seasons in your life where you’ve encountered writer’s block? If so, how do you find ways to overcome that and get your creative juices for producing again? Is there a favorite place you go, to spark and develop your ideas? 

I have encountered writer’s block many times. I think it is normal for a creative person to go through such phases. Creativity needs that spark of inspiration to get you going, and there is no way you can always have that. Call it stress, fatigue, perfectionism, fear of failure, or lack of inspiration; these are common challenges that might trigger this block. When that happens, I usually take a break from writing for few days, weeks, or even months (yes, I have done that too). I will spend more time with physical activities to improve my mental clarity and reduce stress and try to rest more. At the same time, I will listen to more music, attend concerts to reignite my spark. I find that researching other genres also helps me a lot.   

Nowadays apps and virtual tools are readily available at our fingertips. Are there any music production apps you use? Which apps would you recommend? 

I am not using such apps a lot to be honest. I have permanently installed GarageBand on my iPad and when I am travelling, I might open it up to experiment a bit just for fun, and that is all. I also have Moog Model D on my phone, which I admit sounds impressive, but again, only for experimentation purposes. I am more attracted to traditional workstations when it comes to writing and producing! 

Do you have a favorite synth plugin or synth patch you use for producing your tracks?  

One of my favorite synth plugins is Omnisphere by Spectrasonics. It is very versatile, has an extensive library of sounds and its powerful synthesis engine make it a go-to for producers of any genre. 

Do you have a special story or anecdote about working in your current studio? 

I remember a day in my studio in Athens in 2022, having a long session looking at the screen and playing around with midis and presets. It was not very productive, so I decided to lie down to my couch a bit to recharge. I fell asleep while Spotify was playing random tracks based on one of my playlists. Soon, I woke up to the sound of Cassian’s remix of “Know Me” by BRONSON, which I was listening to for the first time. I was intrigued and inspired by it that much, that I jumped back into my session and started working on what later became my track “Feeling”. 

Do you have any advice for someone just starting to build their studio? 

Starting a music production studio begins with defining your goals and setting a realistic budget. Prioritize investing in a powerful computer, a versatile Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), a reliable audio interface, and a good pair of studio monitors. Choose a space with good acoustics and consider basic acoustic treatment to improve sound quality. Focus on learning your gear and software deeply, and don’t overlook the importance of an ergonomic setup that encourages a comfortable and efficient workflow. Start simple, and gradually build your studio as your needs and skills grow, keeping in mind that the most crucial factor in any studio is the creativity and skill of the person using it. 

We thank Cammora for his time sharing an insider’s look into his music production world, his setup and for sharing some tips for up-and-coming producers looking to start their own musical journey. With an impressive release schedule programmed for the next months, Cammora promises new music with captivating vibes that are ready to take the Electronic music world by storm. Don’t forget to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest releases and projects. 

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