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Clan Brude Talks About His Favorites in Exclusive Interview

Clan Brude Talks About His Favorites in Exclusive Interview

Join us as we delve into the world of Clan Brude, a talented artist whose music embodies his unique vision and take on Electronic music production. In this exclusive interview, Clan Brude shares insights into his music preferences, from his affinity for House over Techno (when it comes to producing) to his thoughts on analog versus digital production. As he shares a glimpse into his personal tastes and creative processes, we uncover the diverse influences and preferences that shape Clan Brude’s unique sound and persona. 

House or Techno? 

House for sure, but I can also go towards the harder Techno side in the right kind of dark club! Clan Brude definitely takes more inspiration from House in terms of beats, sounds and vocals.  

Ibiza or Berlin? 

I haven’t really partied in either but I suspect I’d like Ibiza. A few years ago, I would have said the edgier and grittier side of life which I guess Berlin has, but these days (and after starting my first winter here in Amsterdam) I think the weather of Ibiza wins. 

Analog or Digital? 

A trickier one. I produce primarily via VST instrumentation and samples. Having said that, I do record guitar and bass into my productions and have a number of analog effects pedals to create a certain sound. The same goes for playing live with my band where we generally use a more analog set up to create our sound. 

Radio version or extended mix? 

Depends on the effect you are going for. Asides being DJ friendly, an extended mix can allow for more development in the track, a more progressive build with elements being introduced gradually. If the track is more immediate, perhaps more pop-leaning, then a radio version might be the better option as it would create a more immediate impact. You can have the main hook or chorus happening in the first few 16 bars for instance.   

Recording or performing? 

I love the meditative process involved with producing, so in that sense recording for me as Clan Brude. With my band, I prefer performing. There is a sense of camaraderie to it while recording is a less fluent process with a band than performing. 

Small intimate sets or huge festival stages? 

I’d love to get the platform to perform on a huge festival stage and have achieved this once, although it wasn’t a huge stage in itself. Still, the festival atmosphere was there. I’ve generally performed at 200-300 size venues which creates a more intimate feel with your audience.  

Early set or late-night performance? 

Haha, very much depends on circumstances. When I was performing in Shanghai the last act on wasn’t necessarily the headline act so someone in the middle tended to default into being the headline act, with the most peak, energized audience. Having said that, I’d veer more toward late night than early.  

Chill night in or big night out? 

That’s a balancing act! Sometimes a chill night in turns into a big night out.  

Original or remix? 

Generally, I prefer an original take on an idea, although that’s not to say there isn’t value in the ideas brought in via a remix, which is in effect a rethink of that original idea.  

Saturday or Sunday? 

Saturday, almost every week for me. Monday still feels far enough way! 

We thank Clan Brude for his time sharing his thoughts and preferences with us, as the future looks bright for his talented Producer, with new projects and releases in the pipeline, we foresee fresh and powerful music on the way that continues to build his reputation as a Producer to follow, so make sure to keep updated on his latest releases via social media, as his musical journey has just begun. 

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