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Lorna James Shares 2024 Musical Plans: New Albums, Collaborations, and Inspirations”

Lorna James Shares 2024 Musical Plans: New Albums, Collaborations, and Inspirations”

In this exclusive interview with Lorna James, we delve into her exciting plans and projects for 2024. From upcoming releases to collaborations and new musical directions, Lorna shares her insights and aspirations for the year ahead. Learn more about her creative process, personal goals, and the artists she hopes to collaborate with.  
Without further ado, join us as we explore the world of Lorna James and her journey to elevate the frequency of the world through her music in 2024. 

Hey Lorna James, how are you doing?  
Hello! I’m great, thanks for having me! 

2024 is here and we’d like to know more about your plans and upcoming projects, do you have any new releases coming up soon?  
In terms of my music career, 2024 is my biggest year yet – I have an Ambient/ethereal album coming out on 8th March, which is also International Women’s Day. It’s quite a cinematic collection of music, which I wrote after being inspired by scenes from different places in the world. As that project is complete, I’m now working on a Dance album, which will be out later in the year.  

Do you have any new upcoming collaborations? 
I am ridiculously excited to be working with the vocalist and songwriter Jan Johnston, also known as the ‘Queen of Trance’. Jan is incredibly talented and has worked with some of the greats in Dance music (BT/Paul Oakenfold/Paul van Dyk) We are both really excited to collaborate on a track that we both really love, so I hope other people feel the same way about it too. I also write a lot of piano melodies and orchestration for other artists, so I’m sure there are many more of those to come this year. 

Are there any other projects you’re embarking upon this year?  
I try to write about one decent track every week, and it’s only once I take a step back and look at them that a collection emerges. At the moment I have no idea what the next project is going to be –but ask me in the summer! 

Are there any new pieces of equipment that you’d like to experiment with?  
As I’m first and foremost a composer, I’ve just started experimenting with decks in order to be able to create a live set.  

On a personal note, do you have any resolutions or goals that you’re hoping to achieve?  
I only ever have one: I use my musical gifts to raise the frequency of the world. 

What new milestones would you like to achieve with your music?  
All I have ever wanted is for people who listen to my music to feel better, that they listen to my music and they feel better than they did before they heard it. If that reaches lots of people, and lots of people are touched by what they hear, then I’ve reached that milestone. 

What are you most looking forward to this year?  
Going to some incredible festivals! 

Do you plan to explore any other styles or sounds within your productions?  
I am currently slightly obsessed with Break beats, so I’d be amazed if you don’t hear a lot of that in the coming year. 

Are there other artists you’d like to work with over the next year?  
If this is a bucket list, can I work with Chicane, Marsh and Nora En Pure please? 

As we wrap up our conversation with Lorna James, her passion for music and dedication to uplifting others through her art shine brightly. With exciting projects on the horizon and a genuine desire to connect with her audience, Lorna’s journey is one of creativity, growth, and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of music. Be sure to follow her across social media to remain updated on her latest releases and projects. 

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